Thursday, December 4, 2008

Which Game is Appropriate?

The games we used so far have been for the most part, appropriate for the children. Most were easily relatable to them and they could understand what we were asking for. They also seemed to have fun while playing and that is very important, to make sure that we had the child’s attention. Some kids were not up for the games just due to long days but I feel the response we got from the children was a good one. A couple of games, however, were just too complicated for the young kids to comprehend. If the explanation takes longer than 5 mins at the most, then the kids are most likely not to understand the game. If you keep it simple, fun ,and to the point then the kids are most apt to be attentive and receptive of what you are asking. As a physical educator I realize that it is important to play games appropriate to ages in order to perform the skills correctly and the most efficient for that level.

Physical Education has many different limitations when using game and activities when trying to assess students. At St. Mary's, the limitations are within the children themselves and their own motor capabilities for their ages. Some kids are not able to understand the skill we are describing or what time of skill they should be doing. Some are too young to think about what they are doing but would rather just have fun and play. Other limitations are with how we relay the information for them to understand on their level and the games we choose. Some games are just too advanced for the kids we work with and we have to recognize that and be prepared for some less challenging more simple games so the kids are interested and have fun. Also, the fact that the kids have been in school and are just tired and want to do nothing with instruction is also a huge limitation.

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